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Back-End Credit Card Processing

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EboCom is fast, focused and flexible – and it shows! By remaining nimble and constantly keeping pace with ever changing technological, compliance and processing requirements, eboCom continues to offer the most advanced and flexible back-office processing solution in the industry today.

Through partnerships with other leading payment companies, front-end processors, and gateway/middleware providers, eboCom offers our clients a full, seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution, from authorization processing through clearing/settlement and reporting.

Back-End Credit Card Processing

EboCom’s three-tiered processing platform was originally designed for major, high-volume, demanding merchants that required unique cardholder descriptors and individual profit center tracking, billing, interchange management and reporting. However, the beauty of the architecture behind eboCom’s platform is that it is an extremely flexible and completely scalable platform. EboCom’s platform can support the most demanding major merchant while at the same time, be scaled back to seamlessly support the mom and pop merchant segment with simplified merchant statements and billing.

EboCom’s comprehensive back-office processing platform provides a full array of services such as:


Merchant statements (daily and monthly)

Merchant billing (daily or monthly)
Interchange clearing and settlement
Merchant ACH funding
Dispute processing (RFC and Chargeback)
Interchange management
Risk monitoring
On-line merchant access
Enhanced merchant and corporate reporting

Front-End Authorization Processing – EboCom recently purchased another company with a state-of-the-art switching platform. EboCom is working diligently to integrate and transform that platform into a top notch, host-based authorization switching system to augment eboCom’s current front-end authorization processing strategy.

Gift Card Processing – In conjunction with the development of our authorization switch, eboCom is also currently working on a new gift card platform. We will keep you posted on the release date of this new and exciting service!

Internet Gateway Services – EboCom partners with leading Internet gateway providers to offer seamless integration for our clients for virtual and Internet-based electronic transaction processing services. All Internet gateway transactions are fully integrated into our comprehensive electronic transaction processing system for superior reporting and interchange management.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) – The majority of eboCom’s customers are national major merchants. As such, eboCom is focused on supporting our merchant’s desire to provide DCC to accommodate their customer’s homeland currency requests.

International Processing – Not only are eboCom’s customers major national merchants, but they are also international merchants with locations all over the world. In order to keep pace with eboCom’s sophisticated client base, eboCom has to constantly develop additional services to meet our client’s needs. This requires eboCom to be on the cutting edge of technology and keep our systems updated with the latest industry requirements, such as international processing, and position eboCom as a global processor.

Strategic Partners

EboCom has established key partnerships with leading payment companies to offer a full end-to-end solution for our clients. Our philosophy is for eboCom to remain as flexible as possible to provide our clients and prospective clients with whatever solution they desire. As such, it is imperative that we support a wide array of interfaces throughout the payments industry.

Card Companies – In order to provide superior processing services and a wide array of multi- use data for customized reporting purposes, eboCom maintains direct relationships with all the major card companies including:


American Express

Front End Processors – In addition to eboCom’s own front-end authorization network opportunities, eboCom wants to insure that its customers have complete flexibility with whom they choose to do business with. As such, eboCom interfaces with all the major front-end processors which include:

First Data Merchant Services (FDMS)

Global Payments
TSYS Acquiring Solutions
Gateways/Middleware Providers – In conjunction with eboCom’s front-end interfaces, eboCom also supports all the major gateway/middleware players in the industry which provides for a completely integrated credit card experience. Through the following gateway/middleware providers, eboCom interfaces to virtually every property management system (PMS) and point-of-sale system (POS) in the industry:

Global Card Services (GCS)

Southern DataCom




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